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I love the Olympics!  Always have. And when my travels take me to a city that’s played host, I can’t help stopping to breathe the same air and snap a picture where the sporting youth of the world once assembled! I’m thrilled we’re on the eve of the Olympic fortnight – but as the torch has been making its […]


You know, it surprised me, but tracking the path of this summer’s devastating Rim Fire made me feel like my childhood playground was going up in smoke. I’m trusting that Nature will quickly get about the business of restoring what it can after the blaze.  And I’m also surprised to discover that, after many years, I still have this desire to click my […]


Sometimes life is just so awesome! It’s 10:00 in the morning and I’m poolside at a fancy resort in Lake Arrowhead, California – and I’m drinking a daiquiri!  It’s absolutely gorgeous up here at 5,000 feet!  The trees are all brilliant shades of green.  The sky is a cloudless blue.  The air smells wonderfully fresh and […]


Okay, there’s something I really feel I need to get out in the open: I’m a Star Trek fan.  Kind of a big one. So, there it is.  Booyah! That just may be the sound of my being hit by the door on the way out and back over the velvet roped boundary of coolness.  Ah, well.  I think it’s important to be truthful here – and the truth of […]


To blog or not to blog? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a while now. Whether ’tis nobler to suffer what readers there may be to peruse posts by yours truly?  (Well, mostly truly.)  Or to zap another bag of popcorn and get my nerd on with a STAR TREK Blu-ray marathon? Tough […]