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Eating Abroad: The Ends and Meals Bit (Part 1)

So a big thanks to Mum for providing inspiration for this post! During our nightly phone chat, she mentioned she was enjoying a dessert of bread pudding – which happened to send my thoughts off on a grand journey across the seas to Ireland! Funny how our senses can tie us so strongly to a […]

The November Rambling Bit

Lately, I’ve been gobbling up a collection of recorded Rick Steves travel shows like I’ll soon be gobbling Thanksgiving dinner!   Maybe it’s because even though this time of year I tend to dig in and stay close to home and loved ones, I still have this insatiable hunger for travel!   A keen observation […]

Ireland: The Unexpected Touchstone Bit (Part 2)

Happy, um, Half St. Patrick’s Day! That’s right!  In about six months, the Chicago River will flow bright green again, a parade will bubble through the streets of Boston, and my favorite local pub will temporarily charge a cover.  Erin go Bragh! Alright, so I’m not that keen on the cover charge thing – but I […]

Ireland: The Unexpected Touchstone Bit (Part 1)

It’s known as the Emerald Isle! A land of lush green countryside, brimming with character and magic that can cast such a potent spell, it beckons us to return there as home even when we’ve never once been –  And, if we may, we follow. I’ve had the good fortune to visit Ireland on half […]


Happy Almost Thanksgiving!  Before settling in with Mum for a day of serious eating and lounging, I thought I’d finish the story begun in my last post about the day I spent trekking through Killarney National Park.  It was actually a marvelous collection of individual treks undertaken via the assortment of vehicles I’ve been listing.  I was truly sad to see […]


I strive to be a supportive friend, I really do!  And when my dear pal Judy moved from L.A. to Ireland, I thought the least I could do was visit her as often as I could, because, hey – I’m a giver. My support has included:  celebrating Judy’s 40th birthday with friends in a rented Irish castle;  hitting a b&b along the dramatic Dingle […]