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The Strolling “In” Memory Lane Bit

So I’ve had this theory about my brain.  I think it reached maximum storage capacity a while back, and now whenever there’s something new I need to remember, an old memory gets randomly deleted for the space.  But the return of an ancient memory during one of my travels made me rethink this theory. And it […]


“Is that it..?” Clearly disappointed, the woman fidgets in her bus seat as she squints down the road. “Well, if that’s it, we can check it out and still have time to do some shopping in town!” This was the reaction I couldn’t help overhearing when a fellow tourist got her first glimpse of Stonehenge – […]


So are Vikings trending right now?  They’ve long been part of American culture as namesakes and mascots for everything from grade schools to an NFL team.  There are even North American cities named “Viking.”  But these days, you can also take a DNA test just to determine if you can claim a deeper Viking connection than the old alma mater.  And they have their own […]