A Tidbit: Layers in Time

Blacksmith Shop at Columbia State Historic Park

Greetings!  The latest weekly WordPress Photo Challenge of Layered made me think of this photo from a recent trip to Columbia, California.  It’s a shot of an old blacksmith shop and it speaks to me not just of a moment in time but of a moment in history too!

Columbia State Historic Park is a lovingly preserved example of a Gold Rush era town and offers visitors the chance to walk down its main street and into life in a bygone day.  I got to this charming open air museum early before fellow tourists and bus-loads of students arrived to browse in the shops and museums and maybe pan for gold.  That gave me the chance to try and stroll through time without as many modern distractions.

The place that most invoked a historic spell for me was the Blacksmith Shop.  It was just opening too and the blacksmith was stoking the fire to start his day’s work.  I think the wafting smoke adds depth to this picture – and on the day, the smoke-enhanced sights and smells helped peel away layers of time and take me right back to a working frontier establishment.

In the hazy atmosphere, surrounded by horseshoes, barrels and myriad tools, I couldn’t help wondering how many items had been forged in this very shop – and what would be forged today!


Columbia State Historic Park



  1. Sounds like a fun place!

    1. It is indeed!

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  3. Sounds like you a lovely time. I’ve often wished I had a traditional skill, like a smithy, or a thatcher. To be able to make things from scratch with your hands must be enormously satisfying.

    1. I agree! I’ve had clerical jobs for many years and would have loved to have something tangible to show for my effort like they do. Thanks for reading!

  4. This is such an atmospheric photo – I can almost smell that smoke! These places truly are magical when you get there ahead of the crowds… My mum used to work in a folk museum just outside Belfast, so sometimes my brother and I had the run of the place after hours. Happy days indeed!

    1. Ooo, what a fun place to play! And you’re right – it’s special when you get the chance to let your imagination take over without distraction. Thanks for reading!

  5. Tim Bird · · Reply

    Now on my go-to list!

    1. Excellent!

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