Tesserology cruise sightCaught this from our “stateroom veranda” on a cruise a few years back.  One of those times where you figure life can’t get any more magical – and then it just up and does!  Like Bogart will always have Paris, I’ll get to hold onto amazing moments like these!


  1. Very dramatic!

  2. Karen Zumsteg · · Reply

    Wow! Breathtaking!

  3. Great photo! I saw a rainbow the other day and was amazed at how quickly it disappeared, so you have to have your camera at the ready.

    1. So true! I felt fortunate to have had time both to photograph this one and also just enjoy it – a pretty rare thing!

  4. Spira, Immanuel (TNTO) · · Reply


  5. Amazing light in the cloud with the rainbow.

  6. Beautiful scene.

  7. Art in basking in the glory of nature, you have the best creation under the magical movement of nature and its natural flows and forms, the colours and the clouds, the light and the shades…it make it magical.
    Beautiful to say the least…wonderful confluence of creativity and imagination.

  8. I have always had motion sickness so was scared to cruise, but took our first one this summer and it was wonderful. (I wore the patch.) Anyway, great shot. Brought back some good memories for me.

    1. Glad it brought back memories of good times! My next post will be a bit more about cruising. Glad too that you solved the motion sickness issue! There was just one day where I wasn’t okay – but boy I wasn’t…

  9. Beautiful composition, got to love a rainbow at sea💕

    1. Indeed! Got very lucky to catch this!

  10. gorgeous picture, truly magical

    1. Thanks so much! One of those ‘right place, right time’ moments!

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