Scotch on the docks!

Scotch on the docks!

Never thought I’d get to say something this obnoxious – but among a lifetime’s worth of travel gifts from Mum and Dad are not one but two Mediterranean cruises!  I knew these excursions couldn’t help but be full of priceless moments.  What I didn’t figure on was how many would simply come from drinking in the wide world from our “stateroom” veranda – along with a wee nip o’ Duty Free single malt! 

I adore going places on ships!  And I count myself lucky to have been on a fair number of them – even though some were on the spartan side.  I’ve slept on the cold, open deck of a ferry (well, the deck description is accurate if the sleeping part is not…).  I bunked in a cabin so deep in the windowless bowels of another ferry that I couldn’t be heard over the roar of its engines (which some might not consider a “minus”).  And once, only a big glass ashtray strategically jammed between the ceiling and a locker saved me from a voyage punctuated by raucous and relentless rattling…(thankfully, the rest of the ship proved, you know, shipshape).

Although not necessarily brimming with amenities, these vessels are all dear to my heart because they carried me off on various grand adventures – which is much more important to me than any frills.

However –

If life (or an indulgent parent) offers me frills, why then, yes – I shall accept them.

  Like these two cruises.  I mean, I expected to be dazzled on gliding into ports once commanded by ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians, and by watching them disappear at day’s end beyond an electric blue sea.  But it also tickled me at night how the ships’ staff had this gift for divining when we were out and stealthily converting our room’s fold-out couch into my bed (complete with mint on pillow) before we returned.  And by seemingly magic means, our ice bucket was always – always – filled to its shiny silver top with fresh ice.  Yeah, I’d rate gazing up at the Pyramids a bit more highly in the grand scheme – but I have to say that ice bucket trick was pretty cool and very handy for our habit of enjoying cocktails and conversation on the veranda.

And here are some examples of the splendor we got to savor as we sipped:

Valletta, Malta.

Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece.

Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexandria, Egypt.

Haifa, Israel.

Near Kotor, Montenegro.

A Mediterranean consolation prize for those of us who got seasick on a particularly turbulent day…

Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Venice, Italy.

It was incredibly sweet and special to hang with the folks and contemplate the scope of humanity, history, the sea and the stars.  To be treated right from the comfort of our room to the sight of vast vistas, mighty empires, and even to a storm that granted a fleeting bridge twixt Earth and Heaven.

I haven’t drafted a bucket list.  It could be due to my customary laziness.  But I suspect it’s that I’ve been fortunate enough not really to feel the need.  Instead, family, friends and fate have simply handed me many a bucket list worthy experience on a silver platter.

Well, on two occasions, it happened to be in a silver ice bucket – and an ever-replenishing one at that.

And whenever I feel empty or low, I can let my thoughts fill up just like that bucket with memories of those heady days when life presented all the cause and all the ingredients needed to raise a glass in very grateful toast!





  1. dave allen · · Reply

    Great ports, great pics !

  2. Upeita kuvia ja mielenkiintoinen tarina. Viimeinen kappale on ihana. Great photos and the story was very, very interesting. I love the last chapter.

  3. Great photos and you have lovely parents too!

    1. Thanks on both counts (and I sure agree on the parents)!

  4. I’ll need to go look for those perpetually refilling ice buckets… to cross off my list! Great read… 😉 Thanks!! 😛

  5. Beautiful images Amy. I’ve been to Istanbul and Valetta but Venice and Alexandria are definitely on my bucket list!

    1. Thanks! I’ll look forward to your pics and great descriptions when you get there!

  6. Great places to explore. I am sure you took full advantage and got off at the great ports

    1. It’s kind of the nature of cruises for the stops to be brief – yes, I did get off at these ports but I sure sailed away wanting more!

  7. I’m saving for a trip to Malta–ty for the inspiration!

    1. A pleasure! Spent most of our time on the island of Gozo – lots to explore or just kick back and enjoy. Will look forward to a post about your trip! 😃

  8. Oh, I love your photos! You really get a totally different view of a place when you arrive by ship. And it sounds like you and your parents had a super trip! Thanks for sharing 😀

    1. Agreed – and thank YOU!

  9. It’s a wonderful way to travel💕and a great way to spend time with family😊

    1. Sure is – I feel very fortunate!

  10. What spectacular photographs! And how I envy you, seeing some of those places.

    1. Thank you! My secret to good photography is being lucky enough to take shots of places that are so amazing even I can’t mess them up!

  11. “It was incredibly sweet and special to hang with the folks and contemplate the scope of humanity, history, the sea and the stars. To be treated right from the comfort of our room to the sight of vast vistas, mighty empires, and even to a storm that granted a fleeting bridge twixt Earth and Heaven.”

    Beautifully said! Love your photos 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

  12. Great shot of Montenegro!

    1. Thank you! Kotor was charming and weather wise it was a very dramatic day!

  13. There’s a new way of living out there. I have fun travelling with my mom and if not for me her life would be far more TV.

    1. That sounds great for you both! 😃

  14. That looks brilliant! Great photos too!

    1. Many thanks! 😀

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