The ‘Twas the Year That it Was Bit

A hearty Happy Holidays to you!

For me, you could say it’s been a year of continuing – and also reclaiming – traditions! In that spirit, I herewith uphold my tradition of recapping the year in ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas style – hope you enjoy!

Greetings all! It’s that time (and I’ll strive to be terse)
When I recount my year in some roughly-rhymed verse!

Can’t catalog travels too much in this ode,
As I mostly stayed in or quite near my abode.

What with Omicron, Delta – and my OCD,
It’s been a slow journey back toward normalcy.

I still dip in my toe ‘stead of wetting my feet –
But that isn’t to say life’s been not at all sweet!

As I think how the year dashed away with such zip,
I do recall bright spots – and one special trip!

While my zeal to go out incrementally grew warmer,
Kept up the whole time as a background performer!

My legal career long had come to an end,
But at other jobs, I most happily pretend!

Twixt TV professions I’ve moved to and fro;
From doctor to lawyer to real estate pro!

(I’m a fake attorney – and until they yell “Cut”, I will FIGHT for you!)

I dispatched EMT’s when folks got in a bind,
And I once played a cop! (Just the desk-manning kind.)

While I’ve partied as background at many a bar,
I’ve been slower to do so in real life, so far.

I have ventured out with some fair trepidation,
But it’s worked – to my comfort and my great elation!

While armed in the arm with vaccine ammunition,
I’ve sought to renew every cherished tradition!

For starters – one doesn’t do this every day –
Saw a Rose Parade Float only steps down the way!

(Mum and I take our annual New Year’s stroll to view the Burbank float!)

’mongst all city entries, our Burbank float led!
The honor though must have gone to its boy’s head…


So I aged… Not my favorite of annual feats;
But I get the alternative it soundly beats…

Met with dear friend Sherry for a small birthday do;
She always plans something quite different and new!

This time, it was meeting to sip local wine,
And craft an art project – which suited me fine!

So we caught up, had dinner and let off some steam,
All while smiling and laughing – and catching a dream!

(Celebrating and creating at Malibu Wines!)

I dealt with health issues that, with age, one sees:
High cholesterol; apnea; finicky knees…

The glow of my youth? Far away it has stolen;
But did learn the years weren’t unkind to my colon!

Sea got rough in the summer – but winds became fair,
And so I “sailed” off once again to the Lair!

That’s the Lair of the Bear – more precisely, Camp Gold;
Where I happily resumed some traditions of old!

Stopped first at a quaint old hotel in Sonora,
Then hiked Pinecrest Lake with its fauna and flora!

(My tradition on arriving is now to hike around the lake – counter clockwise!)

I rested and read in my tent cabin’s bunk;
Tried to play pickleball! And discovered I stunk…

(The paddles were slightly too short, to my eye;
And the nets pretty clearly were one inch too high!)

But the pastime I always enjoy most of all
Is just hanging with friends – a delight and a ball!

Back home, hit the Huntington’s gardens with Mum;
Lovely flowers and treasures and company, in sum!

(Can’t wait for the tea room to reopen!)

Met with friends for quite sumptuous Thanksgiving fare!
But the part most delicious? ‘Twas just to be there!

Mum’s presence was missed – she’d attended before;
So I thought it quite right to eat twice as much more.

Celebrated Mum’s birthday – she’s hit 92!
I brought her some gifts as it’s custom to do:

Like a book and some clothes with her wardrobe to match,
And a nice chocolate cake that I purchased from scratch!

(Happy Birthday, Mummy!)

So not many more rhyming words do I need,
As now you’ve been pretty well brought up to speed!

Looking forward to seeing the year to its close,
And to finding what’s next – I mean, who really knows?

I may be repeating, but as this year ends,
I’m most thankful, indeed, for my family and friends!

So a toast with champagne – perhaps a Jereboam;
Cheers for great holidays – and for reading my poem!

And whatever your dreams or your wishes may be,
Hope that each one comes true in 20-23!


    1. Thank you so much! And Happy Holidays!

      1. You’re more than welcome 🙏🌷💙🌷🙏

  1. Not a bad year I would say. Best wishes for the holiday season!

    1. Many thanks – and best wishes to you too!

  2. How wonderful to go over your year in rhyming couplets! All the best for 2023 when it comes.

    1. Many thanks! And all the best to you too!

  3. Well done! It had me giggling . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you, thank you! And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  4. Mike Jackson · · Reply

    I like your take on an old classic! But, take a look at this ‘original’ copy of ‘The Night Before Christmas’. It’s been in our family since the early 1940s, and I am now custodian.

    Click to access the-night-before-christmas-small.pdf

    1. Thank you! And my goodness, thank you so much for sharing the lovely book – a true family treasure! I didn’t notice a copyright date but do see the mention of their Majesties, the King and Queen. Lovely to think of the generations that have curled up with this poem – and, again, many thanks for sharing the real deal!

  5. Karen Zumsteg · · Reply

    Hooray! It’s not the end of the year until your annual rhyme greeting. Thanks, Amy!

    1. Thank YOU, Karen, for sharing it with me each year!

  6. Happy New Year. I’ve only been away thrice since 2019, but who knows what 2023 holds!

    1. And a Happy New Year to you! Hope it holds lots of grand adventures!

  7. Hey there – It’s Greg from Your Honor days. I really enjoyed your sartorial flair on this one. You are really gifted at this. Happy New Year. Hope to work with you on a project soon.

    1. Wow thanks, Greg – very kind! Episodes of Your Honor just started airing and it did bring me back to our chatting there in the Biltmore! Yes – hope our BG paths will cross again soon!

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