The ’Twas Still Yet Another Year Bit

Holiday greetings! Here’s my wrap-up of the year (such as it was…) offered in my traditional “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” style! Fasten your sleigh-belts!

(Full disclosure – it does not look like this in Southern California.)
(Unless you’re at Disneyland and the snow machine is on!)

Well friends, once again it’s that rapturous time,

When I recap my year in the form of a rhyme!

In times past, I’ve shared stories of each trip and outing;

But this year’s been quiet – of that there’s no doubting.

What with the pandemic, its spikes and its surges,

I’m still not indulging my journeying urges.

I decline invitations both casual and formal,

As my OCD voice whispers: “Wait! Life’s not normal!”

(OCD’s not an adjective here – it’s a noun;

I have it for real – and it can get one down…)

I’d opt to stay home, ‘stead of friendships to glory in;

I’d rewatch “Ted Lasso” and “The Mandalorian”.

This tree’s marked the seasons outside my abode:

(Believe this is a Tree of Heaven!)

I’m so fond that I used it in last year’s grand ode!

Gain symbolic solace just from the tree’s sight;

Oops, they just cut it down! That’s a good omen, right..?

(Now more of a Stump of Heaven there in the middle…)

‘kay, I’d like to consign this whole year to the trash –

But part of me thinks that the act might be rash.

Because on close inspection, I actually find

Sweet memories and bright spots that dance in my mind!

Streaming shows is great fun, but I still stay in touch

By Zooming with friends – and that sure means so much!

In the comfort of each of our homes we can sit,

To celebrate, play games or just shoot the…breeze.

(“Wait – which one is the ’m’ again..?”)

Online, watched a grand-niece stand out in the crowd,

Getting high school awards – I was so very proud!

Viewing more sports this year surely made me perk up –

Much enjoyed the Olympics and the Stanley Cup!

My work still rolls on as a background performer;

New norms in production now feel even normer!

I’ve had to adjust since with each job I get,

I’m swabbed up the nose before stepping on set.

Next we stand on our marks, our health status a fact;

Someone hollers “Masks Off!” – and we all start to act.

But sweeter than all of these moments in sum

Is that now I can once again hang out with Mum!

Her home could have been prey to virus so hateful – 

But she’s been kept safe, and for that I’m most grateful!

Until May, just our phones were the main chatting source;

But now I can visit (if healthy, of course)!

We watch hockey and football! I yell at the screen:

“Hey you folks in the stands – did you get the vaccine?!”

This feels like part venting, part wry comic gold!

Mum kindly pretends that it hasn’t got old…

Missed Mum’s 90th birthday (which so felt the worst…) –

But just got to be present for her 91st!

(Happy Happy Birthday, Mum!)

And though I get nervous, I’m getting more willing

Quite lately to do bits of calendar filling!

For months I’ve primarily stayed home and roosted;

Now I’m venturing out since I’m vaxxed and I’m boosted!

A dear friend was in town and she wanted to meet;

We caught up at the Huntington – a beautiful treat!

I’d taken Mum there just a couple weeks back;

Cruised a lot of the grounds – yup, we’ve still got the knack! 

(Cruising at the Huntington again!)

Missed it so much last year – and yet time often mends: 

Spent Thanksgiving once more with our lovely, good friends!

Outdoors amid lights, lavish dishes and such, 

We gathered – and once more, I ate wayyy too much…

But what a delight and a great change of habit

To see folks in real life, not on some little tablet!

These meet-ups were special – it had been so long;

And what high notes to belt as I finish this song!

Sought “Delta” rhyme words to use here in the chorus;

Argh! Omicron’s here – let me get my thesaurus…

Though I felt the pandemic had worked my last nerve,

The whole world, it would seem, has just been hurled a curve…

We might yet again be thrown for a big loop;

But there’s not much to do except breathe and regroup.

As I move through these times with each twist and each turn,

I’m surprised by the sources from which I can learn!

During lockdown, I’d watch as the squirrels in my view

Jumped from trees out to power lines and back as they do.

And when my Tree of Heaven did see its last day,

Pine boughs close to wires were too cut away.

That’s safer of course as those power lines are used;

But it’s left a fair number of squirrels quite confused…

(“Uh, was there not a branch here..?”)

Still one’s eyed a tree at the spot where they sheared it;

He’s paused, gauged the jump – and he’s narrowly cleared it!

I admire the guy – what a fuzzy go-getter!

Hm. I don’t want to think that his instincts are better.

So next time I have an engagement to keep,

I’ll pause, weigh the safety, and then take the leap!

And though Omicron may prove cause for alarms,

I’ll hope loved ones can yet be in each others’ arms –

To enjoy all the holidays with proper cheer,

Be it at a long distance or wonderfully near!

And let’s pledge as to this year we say our goodbye-ing:

“Next year will be great!” (Man, we’ve GOT to keep trying!)

Please hold on if you’re coping with struggles or labors;

Let’s be safe and be well and be kind to our neighbors!

I’ll exclaim again since emphasis may be needing:

Happy Holidays to all – thanks as always for reading!

Best wishes, and to all a very good night!


  1. This is some awesome thinking. I love this! Wonderful ideas!💓

    1. Thank you very very much!

  2. Brilliant!

    1. Aw thank you so much, my “lovely, good friend”!

  3. For a year filled with nothing, there was a lot going on. Best of the season Amy. Allan

    1. Thank YOU, Allan – one does what one can! And all the best to you!

  4. Oh man! What a great idea. Do you do this every single year? This is something my mother (the poet of our family) would’ve done. I kept wondering how long this took you to complete? Very ambitious and awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thank YOU! Yes, I got into the habit a number of years back for fun. They just kind of tumble out (evidenced by some of the words’ not even being words…). Thanks again so much for reading!

  5. Amy, this is such a lovely way to sum up this most unusual year. Very beautiful poem. I really enjoyed it.

    1. My goodness – thank you so much! And best wishes for the holidays and for 2022!

      1. Thank you Amy. All the best for the New Year.

  6. i waited until I had enough time to do your poem justice, then read all the way through. Well done1 I like how you fit in Delta and omicron. I enjoyed seeing your Mom and happy that you could get together. Stay well and enjoy the season.

    1. Thank you very, very much for the kind words! And all good wishes back to you for a healthy and enjoyable holiday season!

  7. We still stay at home,
    No longer we roam,
    But new friends on Zoom
    As we sit in our room.
    Again Antipodean borders close,
    When will they open goodness knows.
    Across the oceans real life we mime
    As through the ether we chat in FaceTime.

    1. Very nicely done (have to own I needed to look up Antipodes tho)! Wonderful to have someone truly get into the spirit of my post!

  8. Kathleen Ray · · Reply

    Genius!. You have such a terrific positive spirit
    Love to you and your wonderful mother

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for the kind words, Kathleen! And love to you and yours from Mum and me both!

  9. Wow, what rhyming talent. I enjoyed your year summary but now I am curous about your acting. Do tell!

    1. Thank you so much! And well, after decades as a paralegal, I changed to working as an extra so I could have a flexible job that allows me to spend time with my mom. As a kid, I really wanted to be an actor – so it’s one of life’s pleasant surprises that after all these years, I’m getting to have a toe in those waters in a small – and totally fun – way now!

      1. I applaud your choice. Sounds like fun!

  10. I do love a good game of Boggle – nice to see you have it across the water too.

    1. Indeed we do! I’d never played until recently – but even via zoom, it’s a fun challenge!

  11. Hey! Breeze doesn’t rhyme with sit! This is a great sum up poem!

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I fudged a bit on the rhyming because my mom reads this too… 😉

  12. Love the shot of your mum and her cupcakes.

    1. Thank you! And I shouldn’t brag, but you know I bought those myself!

  13. ✨❄⛄🎄🥂🕊💖🕊🥂🎄⛄❄✨

    1. Happy New Year, Amy. You’re so talented. As always, I enjoyed reading your post.

      1. Oh you’re too kind! Thank you so much – and a very Happy New Year to you! 🥂

  14. Merry Christmas! Wish you and your loved ones a wonderful new year ahead. Take care,

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