The “Year to Forget” Bit

A window view I got to know very well this year…

Yes folks – it’s that time again where I humbly offer another year end wrap-up in the poetic stylings of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

‘Twas a year to remember, that’s quite the safe bet!

But largely a year I should like to forget.

This annum could have dealt us joy, fun and mirth;

Instead, a dread virus spread over the Earth…

And as we inch toward getting out of the woods,

It’s time to recount this year’s bads – and its goods.

Things did start for me with a great deal of promise!

(Then changed without warning – thanks loads, Nostradamus…)

In mid-January, was so pleased to meet

With my niece and her kids as a post-Christmas treat!

Mum doing her “Chuck-E-Cheese Can’t Wait to See the Great Grandkids” Dance!

Before life as we knew it began to unravel,

I got to do my favorite thing – that’s to travel!

Flew to Colorado and met with dear pals

To watch hockey outdoors – four cold but happy gals!

Happy fans!

Our own LA Kings met the Avs who played host;

The Kings won the night, I’m quite happy to boast!

Still, I’d heard of a virus now moving at will,

And this view at the airport gave me a real chill…


As travelers beneath were departing and loading,

I witnessed the scene with a sense of foreboding.

Even so, took dear Mum to a local Kings game –

Another happy fan!

Then quite soon thereafter, lock-down orders came…

Such a range of emotions round my head would swarm,

As I struggled to reckon with my life’s “new norm”.

Stuck at home, did much binge-watching ‘mongst other things;

Of crowns, Baby Grogu and, yeah, tiger kings.

Tried to sort through my clutter – an overdue deed;

In the end, moved to mutter: “All these padlocks I need..?”

So through the course of my life, this happened…

By distancing rules, I would strictly abide;

And all social gatherings would take place outside!

A front lawn band concert did my mood enliven;

And caught a friend’s film at an impromptu drive-in!

Watched the terrific – and eerily prescient – short film “Clean” not IN a theatre, but ON it!

But even as options for outings did dwindle,

Online, lots of friendships I got to rekindle!

Have never been one of those tech-savvy dames –

But can now Zoom with pals to connect and play games!

Am learning the use of my tablet at last,

To make sure milestones in friends’ lives don’t slip past!

Like in chats, I’ve sung out “Happy Birthday” with zeal!

Thanksgiving was virtual – the calories real…

Watched a grand-niece be baptized which brought me great joy!

And called “Yasher Koach!” to a Bar Mitzvah boy!

Yes, the virus did many a fine time erase;

Yet I’ve still been blessed with these moments of grace!

Even so, to be with loved ones, live, face to face,

To hug and to kiss them – that naught can replace!

Dearest Mum just turned 90! No friends could be there…

Yet they stepped up, regardless, to show her they care!

With safety in mind, since there could be no meeting,

I asked if they might send a note with a greeting.

Friends mailed off their wishes – we were inundated

With tons of kind words, and dear Mum was elated!

There’s a big, big smile beneath that mask (and yeah – she’s a Hawks fan first)!

And it had been our custom to take to the road,

To make coastal Cambria Mum’s b-day abode.

Our Cambria “home away from home” – except for this year…

But knowing we’d have to give travels short shrift,

Friend Pam painted our spot – a remarkable gift!

Pam captures our beach on canvas!

When I last hung at Mum’s place, the yard leaves were green;

They’re all yellowing now – and Mum still can’t be seen… 

Same view – different colors.

She phones me up daily – that’s how it must be;

We chat and we laugh, and then she reads to me.

So each night’s become a grand book reading fest –

Proof that sometimes the simplest things can be the best!

I wonder (quite oft since I’ve more time at leisure) –

Will pre- and post-COVID be our life’s new measure?

My mind wanders away (as it so often does)

Into musing if life can be just as it was.

I’d love “the good old days” in full to regain;

Yet there may be new habits I should retain!

Like keeping in touch though life quickens its pace;

And not missing a chance to bestow an embrace!

To make sure I don’t tend to my needs alone;

And try walking in other shoes, not just my own.

As this “year like no other” is finally done,

I’ll hope for good things in 20-21!

Yes, we’ll meet again, don’t know when yet or where;

But let’s all get there healthy – it’s my solemn prayer!

My thanks to all – and best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season!


  1. Fabulous recount of the year. Love it!

  2. I laughed out loud at “Thanksgiving was virtual, the calories real.” Your Mom isn’t missing a beat. I call this “the year of small things”…I started off with the dreaded bed bugs , then the virus.Stay safe, strong and well!

    1. Ugh – no more of those kind of small things! Thanks for reading and best wishes to you!

  3. My favorite post of the year

  4. Great poem and summary of 2020 Amy. I am sure when we all rung in the New Year, nobody thought it would turn out like this, but, as you say, it is still with us and we all must adapt and appreciate the little things and the people in our lives. Stay well and her is hoping that hindsight is 2020. Cheers. Allan

    1. Thanks so much – and I like your “hindsight is 2020” sentiment! And best wishes for a safe and satisfying 2021!

  5. Carol Coe Pugh · · Reply

    What a year it has been! Wishing you more connections and good health in 2021! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Carol – and the same for you! And thank you so much for the birthday note to Mum – she was thrilled to hear from one of her old scouts!

  6. How lovely Amy! Such fun = and sums up 2020/

  7. Great summary of this year. So interesting that we all over the world have felt the same feelings, only the window views are different. Stay healthy!
    Next year will be better!

    1. You’re so right – the pandemic has affected us all around the world… Thanks – and you stay healthy too!

  8. I caught all those virtual and real calories!!
    I really don’t want to enter 2021 until I see the trailer for it. 😵🥴

    1. Ha! I agree on the trailer – and let’s hope the reviews are good! Take care!

  9. This one should be added to a 2020 time capsule! I admire your rhyming capabilities Amy!

    1. Wow, you’re too kind! Thank you very much!

  10. Some of our happiest memories are from hiring a wooden hut above a beach for a month. Sea views and boat watching are a great for contentment and well being. Through the virus months I’m thankful for every coffee shop that stays open. More than ever I try to make the most of the opportunities for freedom – which usually means out of town walking.

  11. So nice to read your reflections on 2020… making the best of the year’s challenges. Thanks for the smile 😊

  12. Well, that certainly sums it up! 90! Wow!

    1. Yup – she’s quite a gal! Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!

  13. Well done. 🙂 Have a blessed Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much – and you have a blessed Christmas too!

  14. Well presented in the poetic form and good rhyming. This flowed and i really enjoyed reading it. Here’s to deeper connections and being sustained by the Love that can’t be separated!

    1. Many thanks – and cheers to you!

  15. Beautifully penned.

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