The ‘Twas (Yet More of) Another Year Bit

My first ever view of Times Square (which will be fillin’ up soon)!

Holiday greetings!  And welcome to my annual year end wrap-up inspired by the classic poem “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” – here we go!

As the year and the decade both come to a close,

I’m opting for poetry over plain prose!

Looking back, ’twas an eventful annum of fun –

With traditions continued and ones just begun!

Seems ages ago but when this year was new,

We had a sweet meet with one niece and her crew!

For the second year running, we had pizza lunch –

And I got this t-shirt which I love a bunch!

My personalized t-shirt from grand-nieces and nephew!

Now flash forward next to a summery scene –

Where my niece’s eldest had her Sweet 16!

She’s growing up quickly as kids have a way;

With our whole family there, it was one special day!

Mum enjoys a day surrounded by all her grandkids and great-grandkids!

Since there’s wanderlust deep in my bones and my sinew,

Took old trips and new ones I hope to continue!

LAST year for the third time, I’d trekked to the Lair

Where smoke from close fires hung thick in the air…

Pinecrest Lake in 2018 obscured by smoke…

THIS August, the landscape was beautifully clear;

And I loved every moment – can’t wait for next year!

Clear 2019 view from nearby Donnell Vista!

Hit Big Bear again for its Oktoberfest;

Strolled the sparkling lake at its pre-winter best!

Big Bear Lake (lotsa bears in m’ life)!

A highlight was my first trip to New York City, 

Where in brisk February, ’twas remarkably pretty!

Twixt punishing storms, caught a mild-weather spike.

NYC in the winter? Hey, what’s not to like?!

From historic, artistic, to resilient from tragic,

Lin-Manuel might be right – there was all-around magic!

February view of the Freedom Tower!

While in the Big Apple, I caught a Kings game;

And I’m planning next year to do the very same!

Colorado’s the site – if it snows, rains or pours –

Where we’ll watch my Kings play in the great (cold) outdoors!

That’s a road trip for hockey two years in a row!

A new Kings tradition?  I truly hope so!

Me in Madison Square Garden!

And speaking of hockey (as often I do!),

There was plenty this year, and that was nice too!

Got Mum to some games – we just can’t get our fill!

Caught warm-ups from the glass which was quite a big thrill!

Watching the Kings and Hawks warm up!

The Kings hosted a night for adoption of pets

Right where Mummy lives – ’twas as fun as fun gets!

They interviewed Mum about her hockey past –

I think she charmed Bailey and all the Kings cast!

Mum and Kings mascot, Bailey – think Mum’s having fun?

(Here’s a link to the video of Mum’s interview on LA Kings Weekly [she’s about two minutes in!].)

Though I used to love skating, it had been many years

Since I’d taken the ice – and I’d grown full of fears…

Bought a new pair of skates, my excitement renewed –

Then nine months drifted by while I angsted and stewed…

But I finally went out again just days ago.

Would my limbs stay beneath me?  I sure didn’t know.

By a quake in the knees, my cool smile was belied –

But the spirit returned almost with every stride!

And back came the joy of a flight round the rink –

What was lost for a time rushed back all in a wink!

Back on the ice!

Being wonderfully blessed with the most lovely friends,

Away – or at home – the fun just never ends!

We revel each year as the fireworks fly,

Viewed with dear Burbank friends on the 4th of July!

Enjoying the Fourth at Pam and Scott’s!

Near my home, beer’s available right at its source;

Took a brewery tour – and got samples, of course!

Touring Golden Road with Pei and Sherry (who set up our tour)!

Saw Yankees and Dodgers (who won in the clutch)!

A World Series match-up?  Um, not quite so much…

Got a now yearly fix of my much beloved Bard!

Right in Griffith Park – practically my backyard!

A very much cherished, repeated refrain

Is a monthly lunch date with the Family McCain!

Dining with lifelong friends, the McCains!

Vets were honored where they and Mum jointly reside;

We remembered Dad’s service with love and with pride!

Mum shows off her photo of Dad the Marine!

It’s become a tradition to share a warm toast

With Mum for her birthday on a tour up the coast!

Toasting on the Pacific!

Santa Barbara was lovely – a beautiful view!

And its history is rich so we checked that out too!

Touring El Presidio de Santa Barbara (built in 1782)!

To see Cambria once more, we are always elated –

Though we’d been many times, new surprises awaited!

We met zebras and rainbows through rain’s fits and starts,

And kind birthday wishers who much warmed our hearts!

Cows – and zebras! – grazing beneath San Simeon’s Hearst Castle!

Now my thoughts turn to holidays, feasting and song!

I always feel ready – then find out I’m wrong…

With such a great wealth of good folks I call “friend”,

There’s always one more gift or card I should send.

Still I’ll do my best to try and keep in touch

With all the great peeps who to me mean so much!

And if distance or time hold my dear ones apart,

I’m certain they’ll always remain in my heart!

Sunset along the Cambria coast!

Sending wishes for peace, health and gladness aplenty – 

Happy Holidays to all, and a swell 2020!

Cheers to all!


  1. Jonathan Spencer · · Reply

    Merriest of holidays, Amy!

    1. And to you, Jon! All the best!

  2. Cheers back atcha’ Amy! Wishing you and your beloved Mum a joy-filled Christmas and another year of incredible adventures ahead!

    1. Thank you thank you Ms. Cara! And wishing you blessings and joy for the holidays and the year to come!

  3. A grand tribute to your year. May your next be just as bright!

    1. Many thanks – and best wishes back to you for happy holidays and a bright 2020!

  4. This was great. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you, thank you! And Happy Holidays to you!

  5. Props to you for balancing on ice skates.

  6. Merry Christmas- I’d like to watch ice hockey – but isn’t so big over here.

    1. Merry Day After Christmas to you! And you could pop over to the Czech Republic right now for the World Hockey championship for guys under 20! In any case, wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  7. Wow! Such a wonderful poem! You are really a talented writer! Happy holidays! ❤

  8. Stephanie · · Reply

    Love!! Just getting to read this…hope the holidays were fun! We’re so excited to see you in a few weeks!! 😊

    1. Thank you! Enjoyed the holidays – but boy am I looking forward to February! All the best!

  9. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon.

    1. Thank you very much – I’ll stop by!

  10. What a great wrap up. I enjoyed reading it and you obviously enjoyed living it!

    1. Thank you! Best wishes – and on to next year’s adventures!

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