The ‘Twas Another Year Bit

Mum inspects a Chumash canoe display at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.

A Merry December to you!  Thought I’d attempt (in the style of the Night Before Christmas poem as I did for last December) to give a rhyming wrap-up of my recent travels and adventures, working backward through the year!  Also in keeping with my last effort, there’s not a New Year’s resolution in sight…

Here goes!


So to end things last year, I gave poems a try;
It’s quite hard to believe twelve whole months have gone by!

’Twas a year that was good by my usual measure –
I got to take trips which is my greatest pleasure!

Of my old own home state I saw just a bit more,
With a quick trip as well to the state right next door.

Just got home from a nice journey to Santa Barbara –
A beautiful place with a lovely, um, harbor-a…:

Harbor at Santa Barbara.

Had a great time with Mum in birthday recognition;
Toured the  Maritime Museum and also the Mission.

Old Mission Santa Barbara.

In Vegas, I got to see my hockey team
The Kings play the Knights ‘neath the glitz and the gleam!

The evening was wild and a whole lot of fun
From the start to the finish – just don’t ask who won…

Las Vegas Golden Knights arena decor.

This fall, Mum and I headed once more up north
With stops on the coast as we went back and forth.

To our former hometown we both happily rolled,
Savored church and the sights and some dear friends of old.

And for all the delights of a trip up the coast,
Strolling Cambria’s bluffs is what I love the most!

To walk on the edge high as birds on their wings,
Keeping watch on the ocean for whales ‘n things!

Cambria coast.

I had not shared with Mum my great love of this trail,
For at age 86, I’d just thought her too frail…

But this time we worked with her new transport chair,
And she took right away to the robust sea air!

Mum enjoys a coastal stroll!

To share this with Mum made my heart nearly burst;
Yet for memories this year, it won’t quite come in first.

wrote of my angst over whether I’d care
To go back and camp at the Lair of the Bear.

Though I’d had fun last year, there were personal fails,
Due to social, geographic and logistic details.

In the end, I thought once more to see how I’d fare
In the altitude, sunshine and fresh mountain air.

Pondered life by the lake while I sat on a log;
Tried my first yoga class and inept Downward Dog!

Hiked around, went to campfires, took in every sight;
Dined and laughed ‘neath the moon and by fake candlelight.

Waters above Pinecrest Lake.

Yeah, I don’t love a squeaky old cot for a bed,
Nor fumbling in darkness to get down to the head.

But in weighing each one of the means and the ends,
It’s worth all to spend time with and make such great friends!

Went to Big Bear in June and though not near ski season,
Rode the lift for the view – just as valid a reason!

Big Bear Lake.

As of traveling Mum and I both are quite fond,
We hit Palm Springs in March and the desert beyond.

Again via tram, left the flat land below
To head up to high mountains that still had some snow!

Snowy mountains above Palm Springs!

Continued our brief but great fun touring spree
By taking a quick drive through Joshua Tree!

Packed water and lunch since we’d studied before
That there’d only be Nature – no restaurant or store.

‘Twas a gorgeous and somehow surreal place to be –
Must go back there one day as there’s much more to see!

Joshua Tree National Park.

Now, life doesn’t go as one always prefers –
But once in a while, some pure magic occurs!

We did not know at all what this year would portend
When we kicked it all off at an Allstar Weekend.

Sure, I know hockey’s just not of interest to some,
But it’s a passion I cherish and share with my Mum!

There’s no team my Mummy loves more than her Hawks;
She was reppin’ for them all the way to her socks!

Mum at the NHL Allstar Weekend!

Kind friend Dee had arranged for us all to go up
And have pictures taken with Lord Stanley’s Cup!

We posed by the trophy that sat on a table –
All the contact that most of us folks would be able.

Posing with The Cup!

But the white-gloved Cup Keeper (a wonderful man!)
Took one look at Mum and saw there a true fan!

He scooped up the Cup with its history and charms
And placed it quite gingerly in Mummy’s arms!

Through a lifetime of fandom – four-score years and up –
Mum could never have dreamed she’d be holding the Cup!

Mummy and The Cup!

Seeing Mum look so thrilled was such infinite fun –
In a year of fine moments, this rates Number One!

I’m grateful for friends like Dee who are true dears,
And for others who make these such bountiful years!

Like Suszi, a friend since I was a Cal Bear,
Who gave me the invite to try out the Lair.

Pastor Jack who still ministers to Mum and me,
And whose kind birthday wishes are just right in key!

And Pam whose big parties are such a great treat
That make Mum’s and my holidays wonderfully sweet!

Mum enjoying Thanksgiving with Pam at Pam’s and Scott’s!

My list is quite long, so I’ll give it a rest;
Just suffice it to say that with friends I’m most blessed!

So that was my year – some betwixt and between;
Happy Holidays to all and a grand 2018!


  1. Lovely photos.

    1. Many thanks!

  2. Jack Niemi · · Reply

    Hi Amy,

    I am humbled you included me in your poem,

    I wish Northern California would still be your home!

    You and your Mum are greatly missed,

    Through this email you’ve been technologically kissed!

    Love you,

    Pastor Jack

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Wow, and a poet too! Thanks so much, Pastor Jack, for everything!

  3. Adorable photos of your Mom! Best wishes to you and your family.

    1. Thanks so much – and the same to you and yours!

  4. very good. Nice photos, I have never seen a marine so full of boats. Great that you share quality time with you mom. cheers to you both

    1. Thanks so much! I’m very lucky to get to hang with and share so many interests with Mum! And yes – that’s a whole lot of boats in that harbor! Thanks for reading!

  5. Amy, this was really superb. I loved seeing all the photos of you and your mum and friends in so many different places, and always with smiles. And the poem you crafted is truly excellent! I have written many limericks and fun poems like this, and know it takes a long time and lots of cleverness to come up with something this wonderful. What you and your mum have is special, thanks so much for sharing it here.

    1. Wow, thank you very very much! I love trying anyway to write in this form (although I think I’ll keep my day job!). And yes – very lucky to have these times with my mum!

  6. beautiful pictures, I enjoyed reading from you. You are lucky mum is still around. Make the best of them days. Take care.

    1. Thank you! That’s good advice – and you take care too!

  7. Love the pic with The Cup!

    1. Thanks – it was pretty amazing!

  8. Danielle · · Reply

    Great photos, almost like being there. 😉

    1. Why, thank you! 😃

  9. Aman Thakur · · Reply


  10. Love your photos — especially Cambria and Joshua Tree. Best wishes for great travels in the year ahead.

    1. Thanks very much! And all the best to you for many great travel adventures in 2018!

  11. Wow! You did a great job of summing up the year in rhyming verse!

    1. Thanks very much! It’s a fun exercise!

  12. How wonderful post. It was great reading to me. Have a good day!

    1. Kiitos paljon! And you have a good day too!

      1. It is today – Juhannusaatto (Midsummer Day) 🙂

      2. Ohhh yes! The longest day. I was in Joensuu once for Midsummer and got to enjoy the biggest bonfire I’ve ever seen – quite an experience! Enjoy!

      3. Lovely memories. Thank You.

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