A Tidbit: Transient Sky

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, Transient, made me think of views I’ve enjoyed of the ever-changing sky and sea!

Recently, Mum and I took off for a short trip to the California coast with all kinds of ideas about where we’d go and what we’d see.  But once we got settled in, all our other plans took a back seat to staring out beyond the deck of our glorious hotel as the weather put on a stunning show. Gazing out the window ended up being our pastime for the entire weekend – and we weren’t bored for a moment!

As a little girl, Mum used to sit on a neighbor’s porch and identify animals and other figures her imagination conjured out of the clouds.  Our coastal visit turned out to be the perfect opportunity for her to play the game again and name the images she spotted in that wonderfully dramatic sky.

The clouds and these moments with my Mum may have been transient – but I just know I’ll remember them forever!


  1. Sounds like a fun vacation. And priceless memories.

    1. It was indeed! 😃

  2. Jack Niemi · · Reply

    Hi Amy,

    Your words and pictures were so magnificent I felt like I was sitting on your balcony with you!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Peace, love, and HOPE,


    1. Thank YOU so very much as always, Pastor Jack! So pleased to share Mum’s and my adventures with you!

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  4. Lovely entry as usual. I woke up way too early today (3.30am) and while trying to fall asleep, I had to think about my mum and the memories I have of her. Unfortunately, I am – after 3 years – still grieving and mostly have pictures of her in my mind lying on her hospital/hospice bed – oh, how I wish those were transient. I know the good memories will eventually return but it takes more time than I expected. Sorry for the sombre note. Love your blog and your pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventures, trips etc and make more memories, please. Cheers D

    1. Thank you so much for the kind and heartfelt response! And sorry to hear about your mum. I’m most fortunate still to get to hang out with mine – but I’m seven years out from losing my dad in a similar experience to yours… Part of why I blog is to push away those final memories and create a record of the sweet ones. Thanks for reading – and please know I’m sending you all good wishes as you move through these difficult times!

      1. Thank you so much. I am sorry to hear about your dad. Thanks for your support.<3

  5. This sounds like the most perfect weekend! I’d love to have a chance to sit and look for shapes in the clouds again… It’s really been too long. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

    1. Yes, it was a fun time in very unexpected ways! Thanks so much for reading!

  6. Lovely – like poetry – your picture of your mother is one to treasure.

    1. Oh my – thank you so much! And yes, so glad I was able to capture that transient moment!

      1. My Mom has been gone now for a few years, but I have pictures like that and I’m so glad I do. I enjoy your posts very much. Thank you.

      2. Thank YOU so much! Glad you’ve got those pictures – and I sure enjoy the pictures and thoughts on your blog!

  7. caratoday · · Reply

    Lovely, as always– and such a BLESSING to continue to have moments like these with your Mum 🙂 You have such an important story to share with the world in these life-affirming, gentle tales of beauty and history, love and family– Best ALWAYS

    1. Oh thank you, Cara! You brought a tear to my eye… I know how blessed I am to get to create these moments, and it means the world to me to get to share them! Thanks as always, Ms. Cara – wishing you and yours all the best!

  8. Wonderful moments Amy, thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thank YOU for reading!

  9. Where was this? It reminds me of a similar view in Half Moon Bay. Lovely that you can share your time with your Mom.

    1. Farther south – it’s Laguna Beach. And yes, it was a very special time! Thanks for reading!

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